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 Quick & Reliable Service

We believe that good customer relationship can lead to great business, so we aim to provide quality service, value and satisfaction to all of our customers. We also offer a same-day service at no extra cost for your convenience


Polishing your jewellery will improve its appearance. We highly recommend that you get your jewellery plated after a polish for maximum shine and delay tarnish

 Rhodium Plating

Rhodium plating is a method that coats an adequate layer of rhodium over white gold jewellery to increase its resilience and shine. We also provide a black rhodium finish to spice up your jewellery

 Gold Plating

Daily use can leave your jewellery worn out, dull, filmy or discolour. Gold plating your jewellery is the best and inexpensive way to restore its original shine

 Silver Plating & Oxide

Silver plating is used to bring out the maxium shine of your silver pieces. We can also oxidize your silver jewellery to give it that antique finish

 Resizing & Repairing

Whether you need your jewellery resized, re-tipped, re-soldered or need a gem reset. We welcome any repairs. No job is too big or small.

 Sand Blasting

To create a stunning and textured finish we use a sandblaster. Tiny elements of glass and sand are blasted at the surface of your jewellery. The complexity of the desired finish is determined by the amount of power is used to blast the particles. Sandblasting your jewellery will produce an even, textured look over the entire surface.

 Ultrasonic Cleaning & Checkup

We highly recommend that you take your jewellery in for a free ultrasonic cleaning twice a year to keep clear of any dirt and debris. We also check the health of your piece and suggest any required services or maintenance at no cost, obligation-free. No other work is undertaken without your approval

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